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The City Belogradchik is located in North-West Bulgaria; in the Vidin area; 182 km form the Bulgarian's capital, 68 km from Montana City in North-West direction and 52 km from Vidin. It is the second largest city after Vidin in the region. The city lies between the massive "Vedernik" and "Veneca", circled by Belogradchik's rocks. The provincial town was established far ago in the time when Romans were living there. They had built the "Roman Fortress". If you ever come into Belogradchik you will able to see the Romans "invention", because it's been saved till nowadays. This old building stands near to the Belogradchik's observatory, not far away from the biggest fortress. This city had been destroyed many times and rebuilt through the years. Also we can find evidences about its existence from the "ancient" 1454. In connection with the history I must include the most attractive sight "The Fortress" which was built by the Turkish and was finished in 1837. Never mind that 171 years have past, now the "Fortress" looks just like in 1837. The name of the city is connected with the "Fortress". It comes from "Bel Gradej". After the liberation Belogradchik became tourist center attracting a lot of people from Bulgaria as well as all over the world.
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