How to reach Belogradchick, how to reach Belogradchick

The town

It is no difficult to have a tour-walking throughout Belogradchick as the town is not so big. Please be aware that in order to have a taxi reserved you need to call a taxi in advance.

By bus

From Central Bus Station Sofia The bus riding lasts four hours from Sofia to Belogradchick. Also the bus can be caught only once a day. On the other hand buses from Vidin to Belogradchick are available 3 times in a day. Vidin stays 50kms North from Belogradchick and it is very easy and fast to get to Belogradchick by local buses. The time-cost Vidin-Belogradchick is approx 1h. Bus station in Belogradchick is located to the very city centre.

By train

The train line Sofia – Oreshec can be used. Trains start from Central Train Station Sofia and the station where you should leave the train is "Gara Oreshec" – This is small village which stays 10kms from Belogradchick. Unfortunately bus transportation from Oreshec to Belogradchick is not developed so that you must call a taxi in advance.

By car

International road E79 crosses Belogradchick. It is 50kms from Vidin and almost 40kms from Montana. Belogradchick can be reached about for 2-5h. It depends on traffic as well as road reconstruction.

Taxi in Belogradchick

Taxi business contacts:
  • +359889712234 - Kolio
  • +359877757582 - Kolio
  • +359886834335 - Miro
  • +359877757581 - Miro
  • +359896871515 - Miro
  • +359899859400 - Dimitar
  • +359897908596 - Irena
  • +359887596631 - Irena
choosen photo
  • clear
  • temp. now 4°C
  • min 4°C, max 18°C
wind direction/speed

east-north-east / 9 km/h

humidity / pressure

49 / 30.15in, 1021hPa

3-days prediction
  • wednesday 05-2024 min 4°C, max 18°C
  • thursday 05-2024 min 9°C, max 22°C
  • friday 05-2024 min 0°C, max 0°C
how to travel to Belogradchik
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