Kaleto Fortress

Kaleto is one of the most preserved fortresses in Bulgaria. In the 1st – 3rd century, the Romans kept a fortress here to guard the strategic paths, which were crossing the area, using the advantage of the rock’s natural ability of hindering accessibility. Located on the north slopes of the Balkan Mountains, the fortress was used in ancient times, first by the Roman’s as part of their defensive blockade and subsequently by the Byzantine Empire. The fortress was extended by the Bulgarians. Its significance grew after the separation of Vidin’s Kingdom, including the territories of today’s North-West Bulgaria, parts of East Serbia and South-East Romania. The fortress, named Belgrad at that time, was one of the last fortresses to be taken over by the Turks at the end of the 14th century. They placed a garrison here, which played a key part in the defense of the country’s West areas and crushed the Bulgarians’ revolts. In the period since 1805 till 1837, the Kaleto Fortress was extended and reconstructed to allow the use of fire guns under the supervision of French and Italian engineers. The memorial plaques after the construction are written both in Bulgarian and Turkish – the unique case in the history of Turkish fortresses’ constructions. The extension included 3 courts (all of them with the capability of defending independently) located in a total area of 10 211 sq. meters, and one separate fortification. There are two main gates – Vidin Kapia and Nish Kapia. The fortification’s walls, which are 10 meters high, were added with gun embrasures. For the cannons, 3 bastions were built, each allowing the use of 15-16 cannons. In wartime, the number of the fortress’ defenders and the surrounding hills reached up to 3000 people. Part of Bulgarian Tourist Union’s “100 National Tourist Sites”: Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress. Working Hours: Everyday, Summer: 9am – 6pm; Winter: 9am – 5pm Stamp from BTU is available

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