Belogradchik Observatory

Indeed in Belogradchich was built the first observatory in 1961 by the teacher's and amateur's idea. It was finished in the 1961 and it was for the pupil's purposes at first. From the 1964 to 1974 it was being used as a stationary. Therefore the scientists were able to observe the artificial satellites. The biggest telescope in the decade was called "Maksut-Kasergen" invented by Karl Cies. It's long 15 sm. and today it is used only for demonstrations. In 1965 new telescope was ordered. This time biggest than the first one – 60sm, named "Kasegen" and again the sign of Karl Cise appeared. It had been installed on the six meters valid and it's the second largest telescope on the Balkans after the NAO "Rojen". It works with two world famous light-receiver apertures - CCD camera SBIG St-8 and electrical photometer in regime for counting a photons. Through 1976 the observatory became base, which was attached to the Bulgarian Academy Science. Few years later it was extended and one more vault had been built with 4 meter in diameter. The innovations didn't end here – in the 1994 one more telescope had received. This time more compound.
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